Annotated Stories

The Amateur Cracksman

raffles-amateur-cracksmanThe Ides of March
A Costume Piece
Gentlemen and Players
Le Premier Pas
Wilful Murder
Nine Points of the Law
The Return Match
The Gift of the Emperor

The Black Mask
Raffles: Further Adventures of the Amateur Cracksman

Narrator’s Note
No Sinecure
A Jubilee Present
The Fate of Faustina
The Last Laugh
To Catch a Thief
An Old Flame
The Wrong House
The Knees of the Gods

A Thief in the Night

raffles-newspaperOut of Paradise
The Chest of Silver
The Rest Cure
The Criminologists’ Club
The Field of Philippi
A Bad Night
A Trap to Catch a Cracksman
The Spoils of Sacrilege
The Raffles Relics
The Last Word

 Mr. Justice Raffles

Raffles Illustration by F. C. Yohn

Illustration by F. C. Yohn

I. An Inaugural Banquet
II. “His Own Familiar Friend”
III. Council of War
IV. “Our Mr. Shylock”
V. Thin Air
VI. Camilla Belsize
VII. In Which We Fail to Score
VIII. The State of the Case
IX. A Triple Alliance
X. “My Raffles Right or Wrong”
XI. A Dash in the Dark
XII. A Midsummer Night’s Work
XIII. Knocked Out
XIV. Corpus Delicti
XV. Trial by Raffles
XVI. Watch and Ward
XVII. A Secret Service
XVIII. The Death of a Sinner
XIX. Apologia

Raffles, the Amateur Cracksman

Eugene W. Presbrey and E. W. Hornung

Act I
Act II
Act IV

A Visit from Raffles

A Visit from Raffles

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    An annotation you might like to add to “The Gift of the Emperor” —

    Raffles, bidding Bunny goodbye, says, “this may be for years and it may be forever, you know.” This is a quotation. “It may be for years and it may be forever” is from a popular song, from 1837, “Kathleen Mavourneen.” This was the only hit song of English composer Frederick Crouch (lyrics by a Mrs. Crawford, of whom nothing much else seems to be known).

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