Further Reading

A few of the books that were useful when putting this site together, and Raffles-related websites.


Raffles and His Creator: The Life and Works of E. W. Hornung by Peter Rowland

Raffles, the Amateur Cracksman (Penguin classics), with an introduction and end notes by Richard Lancelyn Green

Peace in Piccadilly: The Story of Albany by Sheila Birkenhead

Peter Pan’s First XI: The Story of J. M. Barrie’s Cricket Team by Kevin Telfer


A collection of E.W. Hornung’s papers at the University of Birmingham (UK) Cadbury Research Library
Includes copies of Hornung’s published literary works, as well as unpublished works and letters, principally collected by Shane Chichester.

The Annotated A. J. Raffles
Lots of useful information about the stories, including a chronology

Raffles the Amateur Cracksman
Focusing on the TV and film adaptations

Crime and Cricket Livejournal community
Fan fiction and discussion

Project Gutenberg
Ebooks of the Raffles books as well as many other works by Hornung

Illustrations are scanned from the original magazines or taken from the following newspaper collections:

California Digital Newspaper Collection

Chronicling America

Old Fulton NY

Middletown Township Public Library

Historic Oregon Newspapers


2 Responses to Further Reading

  1. Tad SUMIDA says:


    I’m a Japanese fan of Raffles!
    And I’m seeking magazins whitch containing Mr.Justice Raffles (both issues in UK and US)!

    And I also seeking a script titled A Visit Raffles by Hornung and Sansom…(I heard that there is a document about the play in British Liblaly – in a someone’s collection )

    If sombody can take photocpies of them, I can send many documents about our Raffles…(EX : old French magazins whitch contained Mr.Justice Raffles with original french illustrations , French transration of The Amateur Cracksman with original french illustrations, many photoes of film versions of Raffles, postcard sized reproductions of movie posters, lobby cards, flyers..French novelization of the film called The Return of Raffles with many photos of the movie and photocpy of the sheet music about the title tune of the movie etc…etc…).

    Because I have many things about Raffles (over 100 items), but I’ve never seen befor the document I mentioned abobe!

    So If there is someone who can give me any informations about them or exchange materials or informations about our A.J.Raffles!

    I hope to hear from somebody who can do this….

    Tad in japan

  2. Genevieve Morrissey says:

    This has taken forever, I know, but “A Visit from Raffles” is finally up on the site! I hope you enjoy it!

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